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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Simply Merino! We are a Vancouver-based company specializing in clothing for children made from 100% New Zealand Merino wool, and manufactured in Canada.

We are a small family who is passionate about educating others about the amazing qualities of Merino wool. Like all parents, we wanted to dress our children in the best possible fabric, and therefore Simply Merino was started.  Supporting our local community, sustainability and control over our products are all very important to us, and so we recently moved our manufacturer from NZ to Vancouver, Canada.  

Our range is very simple, we want the natural qualities of the Merino wool to speak for themselves. The gowns and sleepers are wonderfully comfortable for infants and babies. And the two piece sets we've designed can easily be worn as pyjamas, thermal wear, or even as separates (the shirt on its own with jeans or under t-shirts, or the pants as leggings under skirts). It's an easy material to care for; simply wash and dry. It is recommended you hang dry the garment, but our own sets always go in the washer and dryer and they still look fabulous.

We work closely with Outdoor and Waldorf schools, teaching families the importance of dressing their children in Merino wool.  The wool from Merino sheep breathes, keeping your child's body dry and comfortable as well as regulating their body temperature, keeping them cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool. It does all this while being incredibly soft on even the most sensitive skin. We believe that the best learning is done outside, and we love working with passionate outdoor enthusiasts. If you're interested in setting up a group buy, and/or a school fundraiser with Simply Merino, please contact us here.

Thank you so much for visiting Simply Merino.

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