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Essential Wool Clothing for Kids

Posted by on 10/4/2015
Wool is a very versatile fabric that can be used to make all types of clothing for kids and adults alike. Children especially benefit from clothing made out of wool, because wool naturally regulates temperature, preventing you from having to guess whether your baby is feeling too hot or too cold. Wool is also fire retardant, providing a natural alternative to other types of baby and children’s clothing that has been chemically treated to be resistant to fire.

Flesh out your son or daughter’s wardrobe with some of these wool essentials:


Wool sweaters are great for kids and adults alike, but children can especially benefit from them. Wool is easy to clean and hard to tear, so it holds up well even when playtime gets a little rough. In addition, wool is lightweight, flexible, and doesn’t cause itching on the skin, so kids can wear it in comfort.


Staying warm at night is important for babies and children, and nothing keeps little ones warmer than a pair of wool pyjamas. Wool is sure to keep your baby comfortable, and even prevent him or her from catching a cold or other illness.

Thermal Underwear

When the weather turns very chilly, thermal underwear is a great way to combat it. These woolen layers are thin so they easily fit under pants and shirts. They are comfortable, and allow a full range of motions so kids don’t feel constricted while they’re bundled up. 


Cute wool hats, scarves, and gloves are another good way to keep kids warm during winter. These accessories have all the benefits of wool clothing, and they are specifically designed to protect the parts of the body where heat is most likely to be lost.


Wool socks and baby booties are highly durable so they won’t fall apart even if your kids like to run around the house barefoot. Additionally, they are resistant to moisture and dirt, and they don’t retain odor the way cotton socks do.
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