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From Sheep to Sweater: How Wool Clothing Is Made

Posted by Simply Merino on 1/20/2016
The advantages of wearing wool clothing are undeniable. Wool is warm, attractive, moisture resistant, and even has the ability to naturally clean itself. But have you ever stopped to wonder about where your wool clothing comes from? Another advantage of wool is that it is a natural fiber that requires very little processing to be made into clothes.

How to Wash Wool Clothing

Posted by Simply Merino on 1/1/2016
Wool clothes are a warm addition to any closet, and most people who live in chilly climates understand the value of having a few items of wool clothing hanging around to fend off the cold. However, wool is not without its downsides. Clothing that is made of 100 percent wool, or even items that have a large percentage of wool fibers blended in, are infamous for being difficult to wash.
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