Supply Chain

Our Merino wool is grown on farms across Australia, and sometimes New Zealand.  All the farms are well engaged with sustainable farming practices, landcare projects, and have strong commitment to animal welfare. The wool is all traceable to the farms sourced.

The farms where our wool is sourced are Certified Non-Mulesed.  This means that our farms do NOT painfully remove skin from around the bottom of the sheep to prevent parasite infections.  Almost all of the farms are RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified. Why not all of the farms? This doesn't mean that these farms are not practicing these standards, it often means that they don't want to pay very high fees or lock themselves to a larger grower group or broker. Something to remember as a consumer is that farmers need their sheep to be healthy and happy, and therefore want the best for their flock in order to have a successful farm. 

 Ⓒ Woolmark

Our wool is knitted, and dyed in an Australian owned and operated manufacturer. They value responsible, & ethical manufacturing as they are the most highly certified & audited textile manufacturer in Australia.  The facility was built to be the most advanced textile mill in Australia using the latest in water and energy efficient machines and processes. Their water recycling plant reprocesses 80% of their grey water for internal use, and for external industry and agriculture.  They also have over 1500 solar panels covering the roof of their textile mill. 

Fun info. Their stenter (textile dryer) offcuts are resold as tomato ties, and their larger offcuts are repurposed as industrial cleaning cloths.

Our wool is OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified, which means that no harmful chemicals are used in the dying process. 

All of our elastics, labels, thread as well as our packaging are either made or sourced in Vancouver, Canada.