Merino wool is one of the most sustainable fabrics as it is a renewable resource, biodegradable, and good for the earth. We don't use any plastic packaging for our orders, and continue to learn about new sustainability practices for our shop.

We are most proud of our textile waste management. Did you know that apparel companies don't have to manage their textile waste in their production process? It's very normal for manufacturers to throw all textile waste in the landfill. We believe that apparel companies need to take ownership of their waste they create, and therefore we keep ALL of our textile waste from our production. We are a small shop, and we have saved over 5000lbs of wool from the landfill in less than 6 years.

We try to decrease our waste by designing products that would fit in the gaps of our main pattern during the cutting process. Some products include, our nursing pads, diaper liners, baby bibs, neck warmers, scrunchies, & fingerless mittens.

Once our patterns have been cut, we pick up any remaining off cuts. We sort through each bag of scraps, organizing each piece of wool into bins that we can use. We use these scraps to wrap your orders, make our craft boxes, and add free mending patches to each product. All other pieces are stored for an upcoming recycling pilot project.

Why don't most apparel companies keep their textile waste? They may not know about the waste they create, out of sight out of mind. It is also an incredible amount of work, and expensive. Please ask your fav shop what they do with their production waste.